Oct. 11, 2012

Lexus Launches New 'LS' Lineup in Japan

Toyota City, Japan, October 11, 2012—Lexus is rolling out its new "LS" lineup by launching nationwide today1 the partially redesigned "LS 460", "LS 460L", "LS 600h" and the "LS 600hL".

LS 600h F Sport (with options) LS 600h version L (with options)
LS 600h F Sport (with options) LS 600h version L (with options)

Major changes were made to the LS lineup to draw out its potential and create a bold blend of refinement and innovation.  Specific changes include the adoption of next-generation Lexus designs such as the spindle grille2, the introduction of the "F Sport" grade, and finer driving exhilaration achieved through improved body rigidity.

In addition, the vehicle's Advanced Pre-collision System with collision avoidance assist and other state-of-the-art safety equipment offers safety at the world's highest levels, as befits the evolution of the Lexus flagship.

1. Refined Next-Generation Lexus Design

Exterior Design
The front face was completely refreshed and adopts the spindle grille.  The rear also incorporates a spindle configuration, creating a presence and styling unique to Lexus flagship sedans.

In addition to the spindle grille, design elements common to next-generation Lexus vehicles were adopted, including arrowhead3 clearance lamps that provide seamless illumination, and L-shaped tail lamps.

LED lamps are used for all exterior lighting4 including the world's smallest5 diameter LED fog lamps.  Shapes and illumination possible only through the use of LEDs create an attractive appearance while contributing to improved fuel efficiency through lower energy consumption.

F Sport-exclusive White Nova Glass Flake has been added to the body color lineup for a total of 11 available exterior colors, including the new Sonic Silver and Fire Agate Mica Metallic.

Interior Design
The instrument panel was completely redesigned to emphasize a horizontally-layered theme while maintaining the quality and modern taste of the earlier LS.  In addition, driving control placement was revised to greatly improve functionality.

The area around the driver's seat is divided into a display zone and an operations zone, with a 12.3-inch LCD multi-display screen and the Remote Touch Interface (RTI) installed for substantially improved operability.

A wood grain steering wheel with a unique design created by layering thin materials with exquisite craftsmanship was adopted along with a new, finely-detailed aluminum analog clock (with GPS-based time correction) and other elements that make use of the distinctive materials to create a refined interior.

LS 600h version L (with options) LS 460 version C•I package (with options)
LS 600h version L (with options) LS 460 version C•I package (with options)

2. Exhilarating, Yet Mature Driving Performance

LS cruising performance was enhanced through the use of new technologies, improved components and exhaustive test driving to achieve high quality, sophisticated cruising and a higher level of driving pleasure.

Body rigidity was increased through the introduction of new production technologies including laser screw welding and structural adhesives.  In addition, operability and cruising stability were improved through improved Variable-Gear-Ratio Steering (VGRS).

Air suspension control was greatly improved by integrating operation of all four wheels, resulting in improved ride comfort as the damping of bounce, pitch and roll are all increased in response to driving operation, vehicle body behavior and road surface to enhance maneuverability and cruising stability.

The F Sport grade, with exclusive interior and exterior design and styling, was newly added to the LS lineup.  The F Sport features a specially tuned transmission and suspension, Brembo high-performance brakes, 19-inch forged aluminum wheels and other equipment offering a driving feel unique to Lexus "F" vehicles.

The LS 600h F Sport is equipped with active stabilizer system, while the LS 460 F Sport features Torsen® limited-slip differential (LSD)6, providing outstanding handling unique to the F Sport.

Five selectable drive modes tailored to the driver's preferences and driving situations enhance driving responsiveness.

3. State-of-the-Art Safety Technology

A new Advanced Pre-collision System with collision avoidance assist was adopted to further enhance safety.  The system uses millimeter-wave radar in conjunction with stereo cameras to support collision avoidance by automatically applying the brakes when the vehicle is at risk of colliding with an object or an object is at risk of colliding with the vehicle.  The system is able to detect stationary objects in its path as well as vehicles or obstacles traveling at relative speeds of 40 km/h or less7.  In addition, a near-infrared ray emitter makes it possible to detect pedestrians even at night.

The newly developed Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) uses a camera to detect preceding and on-coming vehicles and selectively blocks sections of the high beams that could interfere with other drivers' vision, thereby ensuring high forward nighttime visibility for the driver without blinding the drivers of other cars.

The LS's Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) system uses millimeter-wave radar to detect vehicles traveling alongside and notifies the LS driver when a vehicle is in his or her blind spot, supporting safe driving when changing lanes or turning.

4. Numerous Comfort-enhancing Amenities

As comfort and quiet operation are the very essence of and in the DNA of the LS series, numerous comfort-enhancing features were adopted to achieve supreme cabin comfort.

A new Advanced Illumination System controls vehicle lights according to the situation—such as when entering or exiting the vehicle, or when starting or stopping the engine—providing total coordination of light-operation timing and brightness.

The Lexus Climate Concierge, a first-of-its-kind technology5, employs up to 13 sensors to detect the body temperature of each occupant and provide precise and integrated control of the automatic air conditioning, air-conditioned seats, and steering wheel heater to ensure individual comfort.

Quiet operation has been enhanced through the use of noise-reducing aluminum wheels which feature sound-insulating and other enhanced materials as well as the incorporation of hollowed cavities in the wheels for lower sound pressure levels during driving.

A Mark Levinson8 Reference Surround Sound System provides equal sound quality and feel to all vehicle occupants, in addition to a Blu-ray rear seat entertainment system for superb audio and visual function.

5. L-Select Interior Customization

New, advanced L-Select customization provides a whole new way for consumers to view the LS.

The L-Select customization program presents a variety of interior customization options that allow the combination and coordination of interior materials and colors for the seats, instrument panel, ceiling and carpet9.  Six new themes, including Passionate Spirit and Japanese Modern, allow even more variety and customization according to each owner's sensibilities and lifestyle.

Monthly sales target for Japan: 300 units

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices
LS 460/LS 460L

Grade Seating Engine Transmission Driveline Price*1
LS 460 Version L 5 1UR-FSE
(V8 and
4.6-liter engine)
8 Super ECT*2 Rear-wheel drive 10,300,000 yen
All-wheel-drive 10,800,000 yen
F Sport Rear-wheel drive 9,800,000 yen
Version C • I package Rear-wheel drive 8,950,000 yen
All-wheel-drive 9,450,000 yen
  Version C Rear-wheel drive 8,700,000 yen
All-wheel-drive 9,200,000 yen
    Rear-wheel drive 8,300,000 yen
All-wheel-drive 8,800,000 yen
LS 460L Executive package 5 Rear-wheel drive 12,600,000 yen
All-wheel-drive 13,100,000 yen
4 Rear-wheel drive 12,600,000 yen
  All-wheel-drive 13,100,000 yen
    5 Rear-wheel drive 11,300,000 yen
All-wheel-drive 11,800,000 yen
*1Includes consumption tax, does not include recycling fees and differs in Hokkaido; *2Super Intelligent, Electronically-controlled, Eight-speed Automatic Transmission
LS 600h/LS 600hL
Grade Seating Hybrid System Driveline Price*
LS 600h Version L 5 THS II with two-stage
motor speed reduction
All-wheel-drive 12,500,000 yen
F Sport 12,300,000 yen
Version C • I package 11,150,000 yen
  Version C 10,900,000 yen
    10,500,000 yen
LS 600hL Executive package 5 15,500,000 yen
4 15,500,000 yen
    5 13,700,000 yen
*Includes consumption tax, does not include recycling fees and differs in Hokkaido

1Vehicles equipped with leather instrument panels and L-Select customized vehicles to be launched on November 19.
2Designs that actively make use of forms and that improve the performance of the radiator grille, brake duct, aerodynamics and vehicle elements.
3An original Lexus vehicle e to the left and right wheels according to the road surface conditions.  Torsen is a trademark of JTEKT Corporation.  design combining sharp outer corners with artistic curving lines on their inner edges
4Excluding rear fog lamps (halogen) used with cold-climate region specifications.
5As of the end of September 2012, according to TMC
6A differential gear that applies optimal drive forc
7When the relative speed exceeds 40 km/h, damage is reduced by reducing the collision speed.
8Mark Levinson is a trademark of Harmon International Industries, Inc.
9Excluding the LS 600h version C, LS 600h with standard specifications, LS 460 version C, and LS 460 with standard specifications.