Oct. 10, 2013

Toyota Receives 2013 Japan Mécénat Award

Toyota City, Japan, October 10, 2013—Toyota Motor Corporation has received a Japan Mécénat Award for its Toyota Arts Management (TAM) information website, Net TAM (http://www.nettam.jp/en/).  The award was presented by The Japan Mécénat Awards organized by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan.

Net TAM is Japan's first art management website, established to develop infrastructure for the arts and cultivate community-based arts administrators across Japan.  Operated in conjunction with the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan the website was established in October 2004 as an archive of the 53 Toyota Art Management Seminars conducted since 1996 in 32 regions of Japan.  Net TAM provides comprehensive information from the seminars, through columns explaining art management from a variety of perspectives, special essays from leading art and cultural figures, chronological tables and other reference materials.  The site also includes a bulletin board for those interested in art management to exchange information on job openings and events.

Toyota received the award for 1) promoting art management through its web-based publishing of information and its support of those involved in the arts, and 2) aiding employment by matching job seekers with art venues looking for talented arts administrators.  This award for the Net TAM website was given the special title "The Award for Getting Art Managers Connected" in hopes that the site will continue to promote the arts and culture and that its user base expands.

To further enhance its art management activities, Toyota is committed to expanding the website and improving its usability.

Reference: Japan Mécénat Awards
The Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan established the awards in 1991 with aims to raise the level of interest among the general public of efforts to culturally enrich society and local communities and to promote better understanding of companies and corporate foundations which engage in such activities.

This year's prizes were presented to companies and corporate foundations for activities (carried out between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013) considered outstanding when assessed on the following criteria: degree of contribution to raising the level of arts and culture and encouraging their spread through society; creation of local culture; initiative and originality shown by the company or foundation; and innovativeness and potential for development and continuation.

There were 107 entries to the 2013 awards from which outside experts selected the winning companies and foundations.  A total of seven prizes were awarded, including the Mécénat Grand Prize, the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Prize and a series of prizes titled for the quality to be awarded.  This is the sixth Japan Mécénat Award Toyota has received.