Mar. 01, 2013

TMC to Display 'FT-86 Open concept' at Geneva Motor Show

Toyota City, Japan, March 1, 2013—Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will display the "FT-86 Open concept", a rear-wheel-drive sports convertible, at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show1.  The show will be held in Geneva, Switzerland from March 5 through 172.

FT-86 Open concept

The FT-86 Open concept is a study model based on the rear-wheel-drive sports car "86"3 that was created to test and verify potential sports car variations.  The concept features an electrically operated soft top, allowing a feeling of oneness with nature while maintaining the joy and sense of oneness with the vehicle created by the 86.

A Milan-based designer color-coordinated the interior and exterior, with the resulting design evoking quality and sportiness.  The interior and exterior feature high-contrast white and navy blue that emphasize the vehicle's proportions as well as the integrated nature of the design.

In addition, yellow-gold stitching in the floor mats and seats acts as an accent conveying a sporty feel.  Furthermore, the styling conveys a dramatically different impression when the roof is opened.

1Officially known as the 83e Salon International De L'Auto & Accessories Genéve
2Press days: March 5 and 6; public days: March 7 to 17
3Sold as the "GT-86" in Europe