Sep. 12, 2012

TMC to Exhibit at 39th International Home Care and Rehabilitation Show

TMC Booth to Feature Specially Equipped Vehicles, Nursing Robots

Toyota City, Japan, September 12, 2012—Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) is to display eight specially equipped vehicles and two of its healthcare and nursing-support robots at the International Home Care and Rehabilitation Show (H.C.R.) tradeshow, to be held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight) in Koto Ward, Tokyo from September 26 through 28.  The H.C.R. event is the largest of its kind in Japan.

New Porte Lift-up Front Passenger Seat model New Spade Side-access model

In response to the aging of Japan's population, TMC has been developing and marketing vehicles specially equipped to meet the diverse needs of senior citizens and others who might require extra care or support.  At the H.C.R. event, TMC will display such vehicles and highlight the company's approach to vehicle development.

TMC will exhibit eight Welcab-series vehicles with factory-installed features for the disabled and the elderly, including the new "Porte" Lift-up Front Passenger Seat model launched in Japan in July, the new "Spade" Side-access model that can easily bring a person in a detachable passenger seat or wheelchair directly into the front passenger area, and wheelchair-adapted vehicles that allow vehicle ingress and egress for people seated in wheelchairs.

TMC will also exhibit the improved "Walk Training Assist" robot and "Patient Transfer Assist" robot, two of the Partner Robots that TMC announced in November 2011.  These robots are currently being developed to provide support in the realms of nursing and medical treatment and to provide freedom of movement to all people.

Toyota-brand Welcab Series Vehicles for Display at 39th H.C.R.

Vehicle Welcab feature
Porte Lift-up front passenger seat, Type B
Spade Side-access, lift-up and detachable passenger seat (manual), plus dedicated wheelchair
Isis Side lift-up seat (panorama type), Type B
Ractis Wheelchair-adapted (ramp), Type I with passenger-side rear seat
Voxy Wheelchair-adapted (ramp), Type I (accommodates two wheelchairs)
Noah Wheelchair-adapted (ramp), Type II with a third seat
Hiace Wheelchair-adapted (lift-up), Type B
Aqua Welcab Friendmatic model, Type IV (Welcarry)