Jan. 11, 2012

TMC Unveils 4-Door Plug-in Hybrid Concept at NAIAS

Detroit, United States, January 10, 2012—Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) unveiled the "TOYOTA NS4" plug-in hybrid concept here today at the 2012 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), scheduled to run from January 9 through January 221.  The TOYOTA NS4 is a next-generation four-door environment-friendly vehicle incorporating advanced technology with an exciting design.


Designed for around 2015 when TMC predicts environment-friendly vehicles will be commonplace, the TOYOTA NS4 features outstanding environmental performance, advanced safety, and communications technology that links people, cars and infrastructure.  The TOYOTA NS4 represents an unprecedented high standard of balance in design quality, dynamic performance and sophistication.

Also on display at the NAIAS Toyota-brand booth will be the Prius family of hybrid vehicles, which comprises the "Prius", the "Prius Plug-in Hybrid", the "Prius v", and the "Prius c".  The "FCV-R", a sedan-type next-generation fuel-cell concept, is also on display.

Vehicle Outline

Using the triangular silhouette iconic of Toyota-brand hybrid vehicles as a motif, the TOYOTA NS4 realizes an exciting, emotion-evoking design that emphasizes the vehicle's low center of gravity.

The adoption of a narrow A-pillar allows increased visibility while still maintaining superb collision safety performance.  The vehicle also achieves a balance between refined proportions, aerodynamic performance and ease of ingress and egress.

The vehicle is aimed to offer sporty driving performance as well as top-level fuel efficiency projected for the year 2015.

Heat-reflective, near-total UV-blocking glass, see-through solar panels with cabin pre-conditioning2 and other features contribute to effective interior heat management and maintain a comfortable temperature at all times while achieving high fuel efficiency.

Numerous advanced safety features include a pop-up hood3, adaptive driving beam4 headlights, and the Pre-collision System (PCS) with Collision-avoidance Assist5.  Three rear-view cameras provide a panoramic rear view on a monitor in the center of the instrument panel to maintain rear-view visibility while minimizing movement of the driver's line of sight.

An innovative touch-screen user interface in the central two-screen display allows for fun, easy and intuitive operation of the communications technology for linking people, cars and infrastructure.

"TOYOTA NS4" Plug-in Hybrid Concept Main Specifications

Length 4,650 mm
Width 1,770 mm
Height 1,370 mm
Wheelbase 2,700 mm
Powertrain Plug-in hybrid system with 2.0-liter engine
Tires 225/40R19

1Press days: 9-10; invitation-only days: 11-12; charity preview day: 13; public admission: 14-22
2See-through solar panels allow sunlight to pass through and illuminate the cabin and thereby maintain a pleasant cabin atmosphere.  Furthermore, electricity generated by the solar panels can be used to power the air conditioning unit to control cabin temperature rise when the vehicle is parked outside on hot, sunny days.
3When pressure sensors in the bumper detect a collision with a pedestrian, the rear of the hood automatically raises to increase the space underneath the hood, thereby creating a cushion that helps to reduce pedestrian head injury.
4The headlights' high beams are partially shielded to prevent light from shining directly at preceding and oncoming vehicles detected by an onboard camera, preventing vision-impairing glare to other drivers.  Nighttime visibility has also been improved, which further contributes to the reduction of accidents involving pedestrians and other vehicles.
5If the onboard millimeter radar and stereo cameras detect the likelihood of a collision and the driver does not apply the brakes, the system automatically operates the brakes to support collision avoidance.  The system also integrates control of the steering with the brakes to prevent lane departure.