Jan. 11, 2011

TMC Unveils 'Prius v' Hybrid at Detroit Show

Detroit, United States—Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) unveiled today the "Prius v"1 at the 2011 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS2) here.

Prius v (North American market version)

The Prius v is a midsize, dedicated hybrid model designed to suit various lifestyles.  Like the "Prius" hybrid sedan, it comes with outstanding environmental performance and an air of technological advancement, but with a more-roomy interior and versatile cargo space.

Vehicle Outline
  • Ample leg and headroom and versatile cargo space inside 4,615 mm x 1,775 mm x 1,575 mm package
  • Third-generation Prius hybrid system, 0.29 drag coefficient and light weight for fuel efficiency of 40 mpg3
  • Symbolic Prius "triangle silhouette", plus advanced, unique style that hints at spacious interior
  • Simple and modern inside, with horizontally accented instrument panel to emphasize interior expansiveness
  • Single-dial control for air conditioning temperature, air volume and mode selection
  • Among advanced safety and other equipment and systems:
  LED headlights Seven SRS airbags
  Radar cruise control Steering-assisted Vehicle Stability Control
  Non-glass Panoramic Moonroof Advanced Pre-crash Safety System

At NAIAS, TMC is also exhibiting the "Prius c Concept"4 compact-size hybrid concept vehicle, the third-generation Prius and the "Prius Plug-in Hybrid".

Prius v (North American market version) Preliminary Specifications
181.7 inches (4,615 mm)
69.9 inches (1,775 mm)
62.0 inches (1,575 mm)
109.4 inches (2,780 mm)
Seating capacity
Hybrid system
1,797 cc
Maximum output
73 kW (98 hp)/5,200 rpm
Maximum torque
142 N-m (105 ft-lb)/4,000 rpm
Maximum output
60 kW (80 hp)
Maximum torque
207 N-m (153 ft-lb)
Complete system
Maximum output*
100 kW (134 hp)
Nickel-metal hydride
Fuel efficiency
40 miles per gallon3 (targeted combined city/highway)
Exhaust emissions level*
SULEV level
*Using both engine and electric motor power; based on TMC calculations

1"v" stands for "versatility"
2Press days: 10-11; invitation-only days: 12-13; charity preview day: 14; public admission: 15-23
3TMC's combined city and highway target value based on the US Fuel Economy Standards
4"c" stands for "city"