Sep. 30, 2010

Toyota Unveils 'Verso-S' at 2010 Paris Motor Show

Paris, France, September 30, 2010—Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announces it unveiled today the compact "Verso-S" at the 2010 Paris Motor Show1, which is open to the press on September 30 and October 1 and to the public from October 2 to 17.  Sales of the vehicle are planned to begin in Europe in February 2011.


The Verso-S seeks to unite class-leading1 levels of interior spaciousness and comfort with maximum utility in a compact body, which, at less than 4 m in length, enables easy maneuvering on city streets.  A next-generation compact that meets a wide range of driver and passenger needs, the vehicle delivers basic functionality with a stylish form, impressive environmental performance and the kind of driving performance that results from testing and tempering on European roads.

At the show, Toyota is also showing the compact rear-wheel-drive "FT-86 Concept" sports car—a vehicle embodying both driving joy and ownership pleasure—and the compact-sized hybrid vehicle "FT-CH".  Other display vehicles include the "Auris HSD", "Prius" and "Prius Plug-in Hybrid".

The Verso-S is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in late November under the name "Ractis".

Vehicle Outline

Uniting class-leading1 levels of interior spaciousness and comfort with maximum utility
  • With body length of less than 4 m, vehicle combines ample legroom for rear-seat passengers and luggage space even for tall items
  • Versatile seating and luggage-space arrangements, including 60/40-split, tilt-down rear seat backrests operated with lever inside luggage compartment, provide high utility
  • Available with large, panoramic sunroof with world's largest2 open surface area that gives impressive sense of openness

Design accentuates stylish flowing forms
  • Within sleek outline hinting at interior spaciousness, vehicle's exterior design seeks to capture sense of presence and quality transcending compact segment's usual limitations
  • Two-tier instrument panel with accentuated horizontal lines emphasizes interior spaciousness; vehicle's interior design, meanwhile, featuring intricate surface patterning and silver-effect finish throughout, presents feeling quality maintained down to the smallest detail

Welcome fuel efficiency and satisfying driving performance
  • Fitted with 1.3-liter Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligent (Dual VVT-i) gasoline engine or 1.4-liter Direct Injection 4 Stroke Common Rail Diesel Engine (D-4D), Verso-S achieves outstanding fuel efficiency through synergy of class-leading aerodynamic performance with lightweight specifications
  • In addition to 6-speed manual transmission, exhilarating driving is ensured in the 1.4-liter diesel-engine model with optional 6-speed MultiMode transmission and in 1.3-liter gasoline-engine model with optional CVT with 7-speed sequential paddle shift for manual-type feel

Verso-S Main Specifications
Length 3,990 mm
Width 1,695 mm
Height 1,595 mm
Wheelbase 2,550 mm
Length (cabin) 1,875 mm
Width (cabin) 1,420 mm
Height (cabin) 1,310 mm
Engine Type 1.3-liter Dual VVT-i gasoline engine 1.4-liter D-4D diesel engine
Displacement 1,329 cc 1,364 cc
Maximum output 73 kW (99 DIN hp)/6,000 rpm 66 kW (90 DIN hp)/3,800 rpm
Maximum torque 125 N-m/4,000 rpm 205 N-m/1,800-2,800 rpm
Transmission 6-speed manual CVT
with 7-speed sequential paddle shift
6-speed manual 6-speed
Fuel efficiency 5.5 liter/100 km* 5.2 liter/100 km 4.3 liter/100 km 4.4 liter/100 km
CO2 emissions 127 g/km* 120 g/km 113 g/km 115 g/km
Emissions rating Euro 5 Euro 5
*TMC target values

1Comparison with European B-MPV segment vehicles of same displacement volume
2Based on TMC survey as of September 2010