Mar. 01, 2010

Lexus to Unveil 'CT200h' at 2010 Geneva Motor Show

Tokyo, March 1, 2010—Lexus announces that it will unveil the five-door hybrid "CT200h1"—the first Lexus vehicle in the premium-compact segment—at the 80th Geneva International Motor Show2, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, for the press on March 2 and 3 and for the public from March 4 to 14.

CT200h (European-market version)
CT200h (European-market version)

The CT200h was designed to open the way for a new Lexus era by combining the dynamism of sporty driving performance and styling with outstanding environmental performance, resulting in an experience that captivates driver and passenger alike.

A newly developed high-rigidity body and strong yet flexible suspension, together with Lexus Hybrid Drive, are the basis for exhilarating handling performance and the pursuit of top-of-its-class3 environmental performance.

The vehicle has precise response thanks to its easily selectable Sport, Eco and other driving modes, while a sophisticated cockpit offers clear visibility and operability that enhances driving pleasure.

The Japanese launch of the CT200h is scheduled for early 2011.

In addition to the CT200h, Lexus vehicles on display at the motor show will include the "LFA", "LS600h", "GS450h", "RX450h" and "IS250C".

Vehicle Outline

The newly developed high-rigidity body, along with enhanced suspension and a package with a low center of gravity, ensures superior handling and cruising stability as well as a comfortable ride.  Also, carefully positioned, low-hip-point seats and other features augment driving pleasure.

The 1.8-liter Atkinson cycle combustion engine4 is combined with an electric motor to create a hybrid system optimized for the CT200h.

The CT200h offers the standard driving mode that balances power with fuel efficiency as well as different driving modes that modify control of the hybrid system, vehicle stability control and electric power steering, thus transforming both the driving style and the cabin mood.
  • Sport Mode offers direct response and quick acceleration, while Eco Mode combines emphasized fuel efficiency with comfortable driving
  • Gauge illumination turns red in Sport Mode and blue in Eco Mode; tachometer as well as Hybrid System Indicator light up in Eco Mode
  • Vehicle also equipped with EV (electric vehicle) mode for quiet operation that uses motor only
A refined exterior design based on the Lexus L-finesse5 design philosophy evokes the dynamic driving performance of the vehicle.
  • Wheels with wide-tread, low-profile tires create striking, road-hugging impression
  • Forward-positioned quarter pillars express cabin's forward motion and compactness, while long roof extending to rear of vehicle contributes to aerodynamic performance and rear-seat comfort
  • Lexus' unique "arrowhead" profile6 expresses depth and air-flow, while lowered grille emphasizes resoluteness

The sophisticated cockpit is designed to lessen the need for physical movement and enhance the drivers' line of vision, and features two distinct zones: an information-filled Display Zone and a function-control Operation Zone.  The Operation Zone controls, including shift knob and Remote Touch, are within easy reach of the driver to enhance operability and create a sporty driving space.

CT200h (European-market version) Main Specifications
4,320 mm/1,765 mm/1,430 mm
2,600 mm
1,525 mm
1,525 mm
Engine type
1.8-liter four-cylinder engine
Nickel-metal hydride
Electric continuously variable transmission
Front engine, front-wheel drive
MacPherson struts
Double wishbone
*11,525 mm (front and rear) for vehicles with 17-inch wheels

1"CT" stands for "creative touring" and "200h" refers to hybrid-vehicle performance equal to that of a conventional 2.0-liter vehicle
2Officially named the "80th Geneva International Motor Show and Accessories"
3Compared to premium-compact vehicles of similar engine displacement
4Raises thermal efficiency by increasing the expansion ratio above the compression ratio
5Created by combining "leading-edge" and "finesse" design concepts
6An original Lexus vehicle design combining sharp outer corners with artistic curving lines on their inner edges